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Squatter Removal and Prevention Services

We offer fast and effective squatter removal and prevention services throughout Southern California.

Our job is to save our customers from all of the wasted time, money, stress, and headaches that come from squatters overtaking your property.

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Our Team Works Within The Law To Get Your Property Back.

Our Services

Squatter Squad is a one-of-a-kind business in Southern California. We are not an eviction service. We have our own proprietary process for getting squatters out fast. Going through the eviction process can stretch into weeks and months, costing you time and money. During this time, extensive damage may be happening to your property, causing even more expense.

Below is a list of our specific services:

Squatter Ejection

We have an aggressive, legal 4-step process. Our goal is to get the job done within one week, but it may take more time depending on the situation. We bear any associated risks and liabilities so your only concern can be reclaiming your property from unlawful occupiers.

Squatter Prevention

There are many things a property owner can do to prevent squatters from entering and inevitably overtaking a property. We offer many solutions and resources to prevent squatters from taking over your property.


Whether you have an immediate squatting situation or want to prevent a squatting situation from happening, we can help. If you need help determining if you should hire us or go through a formal eviction process, we have an attorney that can help assist you in making that decision.

Property must be secured, or liberty cannot exist.

~ John Adams

Job Types

Squatter Squad prides itself in taking on the most challenging of jobs, but we want to be clear on the types of jobs we can and cannot do. Below is a basic outline, but ultimately we need to discuss each job in detail to determine if we can be of service to you.

Types of Property

  • Residential
  • Apartment and Condo
  • Airbnb
  • Commercial
  • Land

We Do Not

  • Remove non-paying tenants who won’t leave
  • Remove family members who were allowed to previously live on the property
  • Homeless persons living on city or government properties

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