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-John Adams

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The partners of Squatter Squad started encountering squatters and other vandals on a regular basis back in 2018 while running a business that often deals with squatters living in RVs on residential properties, commercial properties, and vacant land.

In most cases, they found that customers were intimidated by the squatters and at their wit’s end trying to get them off of their property. Often their customers would try to legally evict them, usually having the sheriff involved, but the squatters would simply come right back to the RV. Unfortunately, the law can’t always keep up with their constant disobedience.

What the partners started to do was take on the burden of the squatters themselves. They came up with different tactics through the years and figured out what works most effectively.

The secret to their success with being effective with squatters is knowing how to “handle them” (in a very specific way), while at the same time understanding what you can and cannot get do when it comes to California law. This is why the initial evaluation of your situation and having all the facts straight is paramount for a successful outcome.

Thank you for considering Squatter Squad for solving your squatter dilemma. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you in the process of eliminating squatters from your property and preventing it from ever happening again.

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This was a job we did a few years ago for a property management company in Palm Springs. They had tried anything and everything to get these squatters off of their property. We not only removed the squatters, but we also removed all of the junk RVs and vehicles which helps prevent squtting issues in the future.


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