Squatter Prevention Tips

Preventing squatters from illegally occupying your house or land should be on every property owner's priority list. Here are some creative ways to discourage and prevent squatters from occupying your property:

Install Security Cameras

Security cameras can act as a deterrent, as squatters are less likely to occupy a property that is under surveillance. Additionally, having video evidence can help with future legal actions.

Install an Alarm System

Along with security cameras, we recommend having an alarm system, including motion detection. Most modern wireless camera systems also have motion detection options.

Regular Property Maintenance

Maintain the appearance of your property by keeping the lawn mowed, removing any build-up of mail or newspapers, and making it clear that the property is actively cared for. This can give the impression that the property is not abandoned and deter potential squatters

Post “No Trespassing” Signs

Posting “No Trespassing” signs can help law enforcement officers identify unauthorized entry. Entering a clearly marked area against permission constitutes trespassing, and no trespassing signs are one of the most effective ways to secure your property.


When you’re away from home or your property is vacant, always leave a light or two on inside when its dark out. You want your home to look as if someone is there. If its a vacant home with no power, use solar or battery lights. You can also use a simple timer so the lights are on only when its dark out.

AM/FM Radio

Have a radio playing 24/7 on a talk radio station. Make sure it is loud enough for some to hear from both the front and back door. Having a radio playing makes it seem as if someones home. It’s a cheap and effective way to keep intruders out.

Lock Your Mailbox

This means literally put a lock on it. If you need to receive mail, it would be best to install the type of mailbox that has a mail slot in front and the lockable access door below in the front or back. See example photo below

Secure All Entry Points

Make sure all doors and windows are securely locked and consider reinforcing them with additional locks or security bars. This includes any access points such as gates or fences.


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